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New Preschool Asst. Director

There’s a new sheriff in town!
Mrs. JoAnne is not new to our school but she has a new title this year: Assistant Director. 
FCP: Mrs. JoAnne, tell us about your new position?  And why you’re excited about it?

Mrs. JoAnne: As of August 13, 2012 I am the new assistant director of Foothill Christian Preschool. I’m excited about my new position because I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to be mentored by a phenomenal preschool director, Vicky Gutzwiller and to learn new skills in Christian leadership and administration. This year I’m looking forward to many things such as, getting to know more of our school families and praying for them daily, serving the teachers by assisting them whenever needed, and working alongside our preschool director to help our school become the best it can be with God’s help.
FCP: How long have you been with the preschool?  What has that experience been like for you?

Mrs. JoAnne: I’ve been employed at FCP for six years and my experience has been amazing! In fact, I often tell whoever will listen that, in my twenty-two years of early education FCP is the “BEST” preschool I’ve ever worked for! Parents jokingly ask if I’m paid to say that and I assure them I’m not.  We’re truly a family and when you walk into our school you’re met with a peace and love that can only come from our Lord Jesus. 
FCP: As you change job positions, are there certain things you miss about your previous position?

Mrs. JoAnne: I miss being with the children the most. There’s just something so special about experiencing preschoolers learn new concepts, laugh hilariously, and dance without reserve; it makes a heart glad.
FCP: We’d love to know about your background, i.e. family…where you grew up….schools attended…church…

Mrs. JoAnne: I’ve been an early educator for twenty-two years and nineteen of those years have been in Christian education. I’m married to my best friend Mike and we have an amazing 10 yr. old daughter named Miracle.    I’ve had the blessings of traveling and teaching in many parts of the world as a missionary and Mike and I also served as missionaries/pastoral leadership on Guam and other parts of Micronesia for nine years.  We currently live in Fontana and attend the Rivers Edge church in Rancho Cucamonga. 
Something fantastic about my life is that six years ago while Mike and I lived on Guam the Lord blessed us with our beautiful daughter Miracle. Miracle is from a tiny island in the Western Pacific called Yap.  Her story is just as miraculous as the Lord giving her to us but that story will have to wait because it would take two more pages.
FCP: If you had to convince someone to select Foothill Christian Preschool, what would you say?  Is there someone special about our preschool? Something that truly makes it different from the rest?

Mrs. JoAnne: I would say that Foothill Christian Preschool is by far, the best school I’ve had the privilege of working for and as a parent of a child who also attended the preschool I would also say, the best preschool experience ever! What makes our preschool standout above the rest is that we are committed to making Jesus known… I believe God honors that commitment and blesses us with a reputable name!  I love our school and feel privileged everyday I get to serve in this powerful, life-changing ministry!
To God be the Glory!!

2 comments on “New Preschool Asst. Director

  1. Bo Gutzwiller
    October 4, 2012

    What a great interview! It really helped me get to know Joanne better. I’ve always known her to be a great preschool teacher, but realize there is so much more to her. We are blessed to have her in a leadership capacity!
    Bo G

  2. Cari McCaleb
    November 15, 2012

    As a teacher at Foothill Christian preschool, a parent with two children that have gone through the preschool and are now a 6th grader and first grader, and a friend of Joanne’s, I have to say that she is a beautiful woman of God, inside and out, and an amazing prayer warrior. She is not only an asset to the school. Mrs. Vicky, and the staff, but a great friend that I know will always be in my “God Corner.” Thank you, Joanne. May God bless you and you family as you take on this new title and journey in life!

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