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Standing in the Gap

LA Zoo-5

Summer 2014 at the LA Zoo

Dropping off your child at school, whether it is the first day of Kindergarten or the end of the 8th grade year, is a complete trust factor for every parent. You leave your student at our door with a hug and a kiss, and then begin your drive to work or back to your home. You know that in the next six to ten hours your child will be in capable, loving hands. Their teacher will be bringing to life the lessons for the day, and your son or daughter will be flourishing under their instruction.

But what about the child who’s coming in at 6:30 am, or the one picked up by 6:00 pm? What do we offer to those who come to child care on “No School” days? Our demographic includes a large group of two-parent professionals and single-parents who entrust their children to our Child Care Staff. Our goal, for those in our care, is to create an environment that reflects a healthy home, along with these fundamentals:

  • A Christ-Centered Staff – We take the “Heart-Health” of each child seriously. We have the privilege to share in their struggles, conversations and discipline with the foundation of who Christ is in our lives. That foundation guides our directives in handling each child’s emotional needs. Our goal is to partner with your parenting standards to keep consistency in your child’s life.
  • Routine – We know that routine is the basis for a successful life and we enjoy the benefits of a happy group of children when this philosophy is implemented. From playground rules to after-school activities, your child knows the expectations of “what comes next.” After-school allows them a quiet homework room setting with a staff to help and, afterwards, time to grab a snack. The afternoon is completed with an outside activity or a craft. The students in 4th-8th grade can watch the games in the gym or hang out with their friends after a visit to the library to complete their homework.
  • Listening Ears – As a parent, you know the importance of listening to your child, learning their love language and trying to guide them through life. We will never fill the shoes of any parent, but we are the people that your child comes to when there is a need. The Child Care staff is present and willing to listen to each child’s story. Sometimes it is to share their latest success on crossing the monkey bars with the excitement of a five-year-old screaming, “Look at me!” On other occasions, it may be dealing with tears that come from hurtful words of a friend. We are the bridge that brings them love, compassion and understanding while Mom and Dad are away.
  • Activities on the “No School Days” – We make these days special and fill them with activities, crafts and team-building fun for every child. The students thrive on our scheduled tournaments and games that we play all day. There is always something planned for the artistic student in the form of a craft. They may even learn how to bake cookies or apple dumplings, and even try their hand at cupcake decorating. During Christmas and Easter breaks, we will add a field trip which allows the student to experience the world around them. It may be a trip to the roller rink or a museum. Wherever we go, you know that they are safe and enjoying their friends by the smiles they wear and the stories they tell.

Every child is unique, each with different interests and skills. We enjoy helping them develop those gifts that extend beyond the academic realm and encourage them to meet success in social settings. The Child Care Staff counts it a privilege and honor to be a caring extension of your heart, arms and ears during in these formative years of life.

— Linda Lowell, Director of Child Care

Summer 2014 at Corona Del Mar

Summer 2014 at Corona Del Mar

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