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D.R. Trip 2020 – Day 2

The day started out normal, devotion then breakfast at 7:30, then on the bus by 9 AM. Instead of heading straight to the foundation, we went to a school in the surrounding area, and that is when it hit me how privileged I am. The bigger of the two schools was probably the size of two of our classrooms put together, and each classroom being divided by little walls almost at eye level. Cameron, Aiden, Jake and I were in charge of doing coloring pages with the younger children, ages 4-5.  One little boy, named Angel, was a little bit shy at first, but once we started to play with him he became so enthusiastic and joyful.

At the school, we performed two songs, “Yo Tengo Gozo”  and “Cristo es mi Superhero” and at first the children weren’t in to it, but with the help of Cameron and Grace, by the end they were all happy and dancing.  At around 12:00 PM we said our goodbyes and went back to the foundation; where myself, Dylan, Madison, Colin, and some others helped serve the children in a feeding program.

Then came the most fun part of the day, we had the children come in the cage with us and pick out shoes, and blessing bags that the younger grades collected.  The first two boys I helped were probably just over a year, so they didn’t talk, which made giving them stuff quick.  But as the day went on, some children were trying to take more than we told them, attempting to take 2 or 3 pairs of shoes, which broke my heart to tell them only one. One little girl told me that she had waited in line but was unable to get some since we closed and she would not be able to come the next day since she would be returning to school.  So I got her a bag and ran and gave it to her, I felt all eyes looking at me in desperation to get them one too, and I knew I could not. After this it was about time to start getting ready to leave. I said my goodbyes and we left back for the hotel.

-Nicolas Caballero

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