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A Parent’s Perspective of 2021

Wow, what a season it has been! Hi, my name is Sarah Dykema. Not only have I walked FCS’s halls as a former student but I’m also Mom to both Arie and Alan, entering kinder and third grade this year. I love being back at Foothill and boy, I sure have missed this place, and I’m sure you have too. I remember back in 2020– shortly after the shutdown, I went and talked with Mr. G outside the front walkway when we were picking up our books and I shared something with him that I felt really heavy on my heart, something the Lord was showing me in Ephesians Chapter One, Verses 17-22. It talks about God enlightening the eyes of my heart so I can see the hope of my calling. I remember sharing that with Mr. G– that I think we’ve all been in a season where we need to look around and see the things that God is showing us that are part of our calling that we never expected.

I know that’s true for me and my family as we had to pivot in a lot of ways. My kids, like most kids, went from the classroom to learning at home, but they had never even had a computer before let alone having to sit on one all day long. For me, my businesses slowed down, being deemed non-essential at one point, and now they’re booming and we’re having a hard time keeping up… just the ebb and flow and the unexpected. It’s been hard. It’s been overwhelming. It’s been really stressful, but it’s also been really really good. And I hope it’s felt good to you too even in the trenches and in the hard times.

I’ve really been trying to look around and allow the eyes of my heart to see things that I never saw before. One thing I can tell you that I’ve noticed is that that has been true for the Foothill family, too. I know that Mr. G and all the faculty and staff have kept their eyes wide open to areas that they could serve. I felt that at home and all throughout the last school year, and I hope you did too. They’ve stepped up to the plate and they have showed up for my family in big ways. I have felt supported. I have felt loved. I have felt compassion. My children have been educated and they’re still learning about Jesus in mighty ways, which is one of the most important reasons I bring my family to Foothill Christian School.

So, throughout this season where we’re together, we’re working hard, we’re coming together, we’re overwhelmed, we’re taking naps, maybe we have no time for sleep, whatever it is, I just hope that you’re leaning into the family of Foothill. And if you’re not, I encourage you to do so. For me personally, I’ve stepped into the role as a Corporate Sponsor with Purpose Life Homes, a company that I run as a full-time real estate agent; that’s been my way of giving to the school and staying connected. That might not be for you and that’s okay, but there is something here at Foothill Christian for everyone. And, I hope that you open those eyes or your heart, look around, find hope in your calling and you go out and choose where you fit into this FCS family, because they’re waiting for you, they need you, and they love you. Thanks for reading this.

— Sarah Dykema, Alumni, FCS Parent, Corporate Sponsor

A Trip Down Memory Lane – FCS Circa 1988

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