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D.R. Trip 1 – Day 4, Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving Day will never be the same for FCS team members who spent this past week serving El Tamarindo’s most needy children and families. Despite the hot sweaty work of serving over 200 children delicious turkey dinners, every one involved enjoyed the challenge of making sure these exuberant little guests had plenty to eat here at the Manny Mota Foundation.

When mealtime arrived, the frozen turkeys brought by Foothill’s eighth-graders and parents on Sunday, were cooked to perfection and ready to be served with an assortment of tasty side dishes, breads, and delicious desserts. Gauging from the number of empty plates and satisfied looks on the kid’s faces, this annual feast was a total success. A glowing Manny Mota, stopped during his gentle stroll among the children to comment, “Now this is how to celebrate Thanksgiving Day.” Meanwhile, FCS dads, Mark Wu, Raul Soto, and Armando Garcia were hurriedly plating each dish with slices of turkey for our students who, in turn, waited tables.

About 50 yards from the dining area, Foothill’s Faith in Action medical team, with Dr. Samy Metyas and Mrs. Melissa Muddell-Broussard (registered nurse), diagnosed and treated over 80 patients suffering from various health issues. A baby girl with inflamed tonsils was among the most ill; Dr. Metyas, after treating her with antibiotics, instructed the mother to seek hospital assistance if the baby’s condition did not improve.  A number of elderly patients were tested for high blood pressure and dangerous glucose levels. Other ailments included stomach distress, swollen feet, and open sores. By day’s end, a healthy provision of antibiotics, painkillers, antihistamines and other medications had been nearly depleted. “We’ve been so busy,” Mrs. Muddell-Broussard said, “that we’ve got almost nothing left.” Those who came with treatable conditions received ample supplies of needed medications. Others who required further attention were strongly encouraged to seek immediate medical help.

While many students expressed great appreciation for Dr. Metyas and Mrs. Muddell-Broussard, no one could have been more proud than their own children, Caroline and Seth, respectively. Said Caroline Metyas, who tearfully acknowledged her father during the group’s evening gathering: “I have always known that my dad has loved and cared for people with medical needs, but today I saw him in action, and he made me so proud.”

Students were given an opportunity to visit one of El Tamarindo’s most desperate neighborhoods. Two separate teams of students and parents delivered food bags to desperate families living a short distance by foot from the compound. With 30 bulging bags of food items, with things like pasta, fresh poultry, beans, rice, and other basics, the teams strolled amidst an open sewage channel, heaps of trash, and barely-clad children to make the personal deliveries and pray over each household.

“Today was all about God’s grace,” commented Pastor Chris Lewis at the end of a beautiful day of giving and serving. “I am so thankful for the opportunity to be here and to be part of all that God is accomplishing through this team of dedicated students, parents, and staff. God’s grace is what makes all this possible. And for that I am so thankful.”

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2 comments on “D.R. Trip 1 – Day 4, Thanksgiving Day

  1. Marisela Chaves
    November 28, 2015

    Beautiful God bless each and every parent and children. Armando and Briana your both bringing back home so many great and precious memories something you would always keep in your heart. Your aunt Marisela love you all.

  2. John
    January 5, 2016

    Wow – how amazing! God bless

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