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NEW Book Fair Coordinator

Over the past few years we have been blessed with a fabulous volunteer book fair coordinator, Lori Lavik. Lori has served in numerous capacities here at FCS and was even awarded the Paraclete Award in 2010, she is a beaming example of what a parent volunteer should look like. This year she has decided to hand over the reigns, as book fair coordinator, to another parent who is eager to make this event a great success. Shawn Carlson, mom of two FCS students, is someone you may see around campus helping in the classroom or in the library.  She has graciously taken on the responsibility to coordinate with Mrs. Nelson’s Book Store to make our book fair an inviting place to bring friends and family.  Please join us as we welcome her to the team!

Tell us a little about yourself…My husband’s name is Sean and we have been married for 10 years. We met working at YMCA summer camp. We have two daughters Ella (age 8) and Megan (age 5). We love to spend time together as a family outside camping, going to the beach, kayaking. We also love Knotts Berry Farm, Disneyland and going bowling. We continue to go the camp we met at every year for family camp and now youth camp for the girls. I also volunteer every summer as the camp nurse.

Where do you work? I work at Huntington Memorial Hospital in the Neonatal Intensive Care unit. I have been there 15 years and love it. There is something super special and rewarding about helping families when they are in crisis and caring for the smallest babies.

How long have you been at FCS? We have been at FCS since Ella started kindergarten. She is now in 3rd grade with Mrs. Lucas. Megan just started kindergarten with Mrs. Parenti. We love FCS. I love the family feel and how the kids are known by all the staff members. I feel like I can safely leave them and people love them and take great care of them.

What is your favorite FCS event? We love the movie nights in the gym. Ella has been doing cheerleading and loves the girls and coaches. I really feel like my kids are getting lots of experiences that they would not get at a bigger public school.  This has been the perfect fit for our family.

What do you like about Mrs. Nelson’s Book Fair? The book fair is awesome! I love Mrs. Nelsons and FCS so combining them is perfect! I have always loved to read and Ella is a voracious reader. Books are magical and educational and can transport you to places you have never been. I like that we can have such a great event at FCS combined with all the great evening activities. And best of all it helps out the school library which is such a great amenity at the school. It is a great way to kick off the Christmas season.

What can we do to help you as the Book Fair Coordinator? The greatest thing we need for the book fair is volunteers to staff the shifts. It is a great way to get to know other families at FCS and help out a great cause, our school library. If you are willing to help a few hours anytime Monday-Friday please contact me at, thank you!

Mrs. Nelsons Book Fair

Presentation Room

Monday – Friday, December 3-7

 8am – 8pm

CLICK HERE for more information about Christmas Week

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